Elder Scrolls Online to launch Harrowstorm on Feb 24

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online will be patched on February 24th to kick off the year-long events that will include the Dark Heart of Skyrim. Both the Harrowstorm DLC and Update 25 will go live for PC/Mac on February 24th. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ESO players will be able to start playing the new content on March 10th.

Harrowstorm will be part of the ESO Plus membership or it can be purchased from the Crown Store as a stand-alone DLC. It features a pair of challenging new dungeons that hint at the events that will be live in the game throughout the upcoming year.

Icereach is the first of the two dungeons. It is found on an island that is home to the Icereach Coven. “Players come to Icereach for two reasons,” explains Mike Finnigan, ESO’s Dungeon Lead. “To investigate the mysterious storms plaguing the Sea of Ghosts and to find a lost expedition.”

When reaching Icereach, players will find the survivors of an advanced expedition group, among them Lyris Titanborn. It is up to players to fully explore the island to find out the cause of a mysterious storm and to stop it before it does more damage. However, this won’t be an easy task with the witches and frost beasts roaming around. The bosses within Icereach are formidable as well. These “sisters” each bring a unique ally to defend their home and feature mechanics that are sure to challenge even the toughest players.

Of course, no challenging encounter is worth its salt without some epic new gear and collectibles. Players who defeat Icereach will be able to collect four new themed gear sets, style pages, dyes, furnishings, and more. Those who take on the additional Veteran challenge will be able to earn Lyris’ Icereach Battle Axe outfit style for the effort.

“Raiders and grave robbers have forced their way into an ancient burial site in Bangkorai, seeking an ancient power that has remained imprisoned for centuries. In Unhallowed Grave, you must enter this long-forgotten tomb, uncover the reasons for the crypt’s invasion, and put a stop to the invader’s plans before it is too late.”

All players will receive Update 25 for free. It brings a host of technical updates including performance improvements and a “massive patching overhaul” for the entire ESO game client.

You can learn much more about Harrowstorm by visiting the Elder Scrolls Online links posted above.

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