Elite Dangerous – Forging Your Path in Odyssey

The latest in a series of video developer diaries from the team behind Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has been released. This time Frontier devs speak to their community about how players will forge their own paths through the game. Odyssey is the next major content expansion coming to the game in early 2021.

The goal of the game has always been to allow players freedom of choice along with the knowledge that their actions have consequences. In Odyssey, this feature is being expanded when players will be able to step onto planet surfaces for the first time in the game’s history. Each planet allows pilots the freedom to explore billions of planets and discover planetary outposts and bases. Players will encounter missions, station interiors, and a range of spacesuits that offer players a way to tailor the game to suit their playstyle. By being on foot, players will be able to progress through the game even without owning a ship.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be launching in early 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

In addition to the Odyssey news, Frontier also announced that the Horizons expansion will be included in the base version of the game starting October 27th. Beginning at that time, it will be a free update across all available platforms. Those players who already own Horizons will receive an exclusive Azure paint job that is compatible with all 41 available ships.

Learn more on the game’s official site.

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