Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Begins March 29th

Frontier Developments has announced that the PC alpha for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will begin on March 29th. Odyssey is a massive expansion to the base game that will bring a host of new features to the game including planet-based exploration and third-person gameplay. Odyssey is expected to launch for PC in “late spring 2021” with the console version coming along in “autumn 2021”.

To celebrate the news about the PC alpha, Frontier developers released a trailer to show a team of three Commanders heading planetside to raid a military outpost. “All three Commanders in the incursion team are specially equipped for their assigned role, selected from the wide range of space suits, weapons, and equipment available in Odyssey. Their tactical gear grants them an edge in their assigned tasks, whether it is to infiltrate the base avoiding detection, lay down covering fire if the alarm is raised, hacking, or quickly extract their teammates from a tight spot if enemy forces overwhelm them.”

Check out the trailer and then head to the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey portal page to learn more about the expansion.

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