Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to Launch for PC Next Month

Frontier Developments has great news for PC players looking forward to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The new content that includes the ability to walk about on planet surfaces will be arriving on May 19th on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and via the Frontier Store. The Odyssey expansion is available for pre-order as a standalone product for $39.99 or for $49.99 for anyone who wants to take part in the last days of the Odyssey alpha that ends on April 30th. Those who pre-order Odyssey will receive an exclusive Pioneer suit skin as a bonus.

Odyssey brings long-awaited features to Commanders including:

  • allowing players to explore atmospheric planets on foot
  • new missions
  • tactical combat
  • specialized suits and gear options
  • social hubs across the galaxy where players can engage with one another

PlayStation and Xbox players will have to wait until autumn 2021 to get their feet on the ground.

Check out the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey official site to check out all of the details.

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