Elyon Closed Beta Announced For NA & Europe

Elyon, the much anticipated MMORPG from Kakao Games is about to drop a closed beta test on western audiences on 6 May.

Developers Bluehole Studios, of PUBG fame, and publisher Kakao games revealed that anybody in Europe and North America eager to get into their brand new MMORPG will be able to sign up for closed beta access. The very first closed beta test will run between 6-10 May and gives players an opportunity to get more than just a name.

AIR And Onwards

Since it was initially unveiled as Ascent: Infinite Realm back in 2017, Elyon has undergone some significant shifts in focus and rebranding to reach this point. Now, you’ll be able to give your feedback on the latest levelling flow adjustments and the rebuilt combat systems that should hopefully make this gorgeous looking adventure worth the wait. Enbody looking to sign up for the closed beta test can do so over on the official Elyon website. Applications are open right now and will close on 25 April. Even if you don’t manage to get into battle for CBT1 via the application process, Kakao has confirmed that there are plenty of other giveaways and friend keys coming your way.

For those applying and entirely unprepared, the world of Elyon is a fantasy MMORPG where two sovereign realms, Vulpin and Ontari, are at war for the control of “Elyon,” a portal that leads to paradise. Alongside the traditional MMORPG combat, crafting, and exploration that you would expect Elyon has a bunch of deep character customization and combat opportunities that has us eagerly shining up our MMO mouse of choice. I’m particularly excited about the Realm vs Realm battles and Clan Wars, but you might be more of a crafter. To apply or find out all of the features that Elyon has to offer, have a glimpse at the official website and keep a close eye on your email for that Elyon closed beta invite.

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