Embark on a Bouncy New Adventure in The Smurfs – Dreams

Embark on a Bouncy New Adventure in The Smurfs - Dreams

Microids and Ocellus Services have announced that players can soon take off on a bouncy new adventure in The Smurfs – Dreams. The game will launch later in 2024 via PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Developers have released an all-new trailer that shines the spotlight on the game’s 3D platforming adventures. Viewers get a good look at gameplay features, characters, locations, and more.

The game allows players to peek inside the dreams of sleeping Smurfs, hence the title. They’ll explore the line where dreams and nightmares collide and are tasked with helping dreamers navigate through “enchanting realms and face off against their arch-nemesis, Gargamel.”

Gargamel has devised a new evil scheme to catch the Smurfs! He cast a cunning curse on the sarsaparilla bushes, causing a deep slumber across the Smurfs after they eat the delicious leaves. Embark on a dreamlike quest to awaken all the Smurfs before the evil Gargamel reaches the village! Experience a thrilling yet unpredictable journey: in the dreamworld, anything is possible and excitement can quickly turn into a nightmare.. 

Features include

  • Solo or Co-op Gameplay: Prevent Gargamel’s evil plans from succeeding, alone or with a friend for a smurfabulous 2-player experience.
  • Dive into Unique Dreams: Visit unique and vibrant worlds as you hop from dream to dream, and discover all of the Smurf Village’s secrets
  • Embark on an Epic Adventure:Each dream hides a nightmare – help the Smurfs overcoming their fears through puzzles, boss fights and many other surprises
  • Customize Your Character: Collect magic orbs and boss tokens to unlock cool customization options and surprises!
  • Stunning Art Direction: Immerse yourself in a colorful and magical world that evolves as you progress!
  • Jump, Hop, Dash: Use your movements and tools to overcome the many challenges dreamt by the Smurfs

Find the game on your favorite platform’s shop, or visit Steam to learn more about The Smurfs – Dreams.

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