Embr Blazes Onto PC During May

Curve Digital is bringing some mighty hot multiplayer action to PC with the launch of Embr on 21 May.

Developer Muse Games has confirmed that the firey fun of Embr is due to leap out of Early Access with its full launch on Pc, via Steam, and Google’s Stadia streaming platform on 21 May. Players picking up this online multiplayer firefight will find themselves in a world where the gig economy rules. The general public is now fit and ready to take on the tackle of fighting fires and you’ll need to be quick about it if you’re going to save the day.

Fire Away

Embr is a fast paced multiplayer game where players either play solo or work together in online teams tackling blaze after blaze to earn tips from clients, picking up the ever-so-crucial 5-star rating in order to earn cash, upgrade tools, and hopefully becoming the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter. Thankfully this entrepreneurial experience isn’t all fire and brimstone. The decidedly tongue in cheek portrayal of venture capitalism provides players with the freedom to tackle fires and rescue residents in any way they see fit. As fire fighters make their way through the game, Embr will offer players a variety of missions to earn money and upgrade their firefighting tools and lease better vehicles and fire trucks, all while dealing with competition from the Canadian firefighting startup Hosr. Staying competitive, however, relies on players working together, planning firefighting and rescuing in dense environments with complex systems interactions; water, fire, gas, electricity, and structure integrity all have a role to play.

Embr arrives on Pc and Stadia as an Early Access title later in May and the PC version will set you back $19.99/€19.99/£17.99 with a 20% discount in launch week. Firefighters can expect ongoing updates, new content and even Corsair iCUE integration as the title develops. Whether it’s jumping through windows, hacking down dorrs or saving babies from burning buildings Embr loots like a hoot. Check out more on the official Embr website now.


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