Embr Lights A Fire Under Xbox Game Pass Today

Embr, the manic multiplayer fire fighting sim, is set to ignite your evenings as it blazes onto Xbox game pass today.

Publisher Curve Digital just confirmed that the eccentric DIY fire fighting simulator Embr is bringing some hot tempered chaos to the Xbox Game Pass today. While Embr has already been hosing down PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch since last year, owners of the Xbox Game Pass can begin a new career as a firefighter right now for nothing more than the cost of a game pass subscription.

Anybody picking up a fire helmet can explore the surprisingly flammable neighbourhoods and town streets of Embr, where they will find themselves teaming together with up to 4 players to put out fires, save civilians, rescue kitties, and maybe make a little money delivering pizza on the side. This have a go hero expedition arrives on the Xbox service just in time to try out a brand new update too. The brand new ‘Secret Hosr’ multiplayer mode takes the Diy emergency services and sets them on longer missions with more people to save, and did we mention the explosives?

As if saving the town wasn’t enough hassle, a Hosr Agent has infiltrated the Secret Hosr missions and might be the cause of those accelerants. Just like other social deduction scenarios, you’ll be able to vote them out of the fire truck and save more clients. Remember this is a numbers game and if people keep dying instead of surviving then it’s going to look a little sus for this new business endeavor.

Both the Xbox game pass debut of Embr and the Secret Hosr update are available right now across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass. You can prepare for the chaos by checking out the official trailer above or heading over to the Embr website now.

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