En Masse Entertainment Making it Rain with Twitch Prime Goodies

En Masse Twitch Prime

In an announcement made today En Masse Entertainment has announced it has partnered with Twitch Prime.  Over the next four months, players across all of En Masses Entertainment’s stable of games will be able to bring home fun and useful in-game items including some exclusive Closers costumes.

If you’re familiar with how Twitch Prime partnerships work you’ll know that linking your En Masse account with your Twitch account is a must if you want to capitalize on the freebies.  You can do so by heading over to the En Masse site and logging in and pressing the ‘link Twitch account button’ that follows.  Players that link their Prime account with their En Masse account will be able to log into Twitch Prime each month to receive the En Masse: Action RPG pack from the Prime Loot page.  These gift packs will start March 22, 2019, and end July 28, 2019.

The first Action RPG pack is available starting today, March 22, 2019, will be available until April 22, 2019, and will feature these items for Closers players:

  • Specialty Suit Box I: a Twitch-exclusive half-suit costume bundle (hair, jacket, shoes, sunglasses)
  • Fifteen days of elite status for Closers
  • Gardening Voucher (15-Day)
  • Maid Service Voucher (15-Day)
  • Goodies for other En Masse games: TERA and Early Access to QC Games’ Breach.

Throughout the event, Twitch Prime members will earn more Closers costumes, more Elite status, and more in-game items.  En Masse promises each month will feel like Christmas to those that play their games.

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