Encodya Featurette Gets Behind The Scenes Of Neo Berlin

Get a glimpse into the future with a new featurette for upcoming new adventure game Encodya.

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Chaosmonger Studio just dropped a new glimpse behind the curtain of their upcoming point and click adventure, Encodya. Due to arrive on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux platforms via Steam, GOG and ENCODYA.com later this month, Encodya is a tale of friendship, discovery, and world changing events. Following Tina, a 9 year old Orphan, and her very own tin plated matron called SAM-53, Encodya wins its way through the back alleys of a sprawling urban jungle. This dark megalopolis is the background for an epic quest to save the world from greyness, left by Tina’s father.

Over the course of this sneak peek into the world of Encodya Chief Developer Nicola Piovesan talks through the details that make the far future city of Neo-Berlin tick. Making this cast of backdrops and everyday citizens feel lived in requires everything from individually crafted billboards and advertising jingles to simple things like the dialogue between NPCs on the street. If you’ve ever wondered how deep world building goes, then this might be an excellent brief.

If you like the look of Encodya and can feel those Ghibli inspirations and Monkey Island ideas then you won’t have long to wait before it loads into your front room. The final game launches on 26 January and will include a rich world, with 34 distinct NPCs to interact with. More than 4,000 lines of dialogue mean there should be plenty of choices to work through as the game swaps puzzles around to keep playthroughs unique. Point and click adventures aren’t always the most in your face experiences, but that subtle attention to details that goes on in the background can make games like Encodya seem utterly inviting. If you want to find out more about this adventure, head over to the Encodya website now.

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