MOBA Endless Battle Is Now Available

Netdragon Websoft’s MOBA Endless Battle was originally planned to be released in August 2018 but the developers have postponed the project till now.

This is the infinite realm, the perilous land is waiting for your salvation. We were born at the origin of hope, the light of souls weaves the winds, and the power of faith forms the eternal loop. Between the flowers’ blossom and fall, we seek the truth of the world.

Endless Battle is an Open Unrestricted Combat MOBA Game, the game has varied career choices and infinite tactics in borderless world. Players can raise the blade in their hand, explore the unrestricted power, take the new challenge and enjoy the pleasure of different occupations.

  • Controls – Three Control modes: Mouse mode, Keyboard mode and Action mode perfectly adapt to the MMORPG, MOBA, and TPS players’ operating habits
  • Classes – Five classes include Warrior, Sorcerer, Priest, Knight and Assassin, with unique survivability, damage, control ability and mobility.
  • Flexible framework – Card-type skill combination, high-freedom gear system. An innovative and flexible game framework, customize the character of your own, build as you wish
  • Graphics – Models with great detail and high-quality textures
    Splendid scenery starts from here, Day and night rotation, real competition, from the land to water, battle everywhere
  • Game Modes: Arena Mode: 3 vs 3
    3vs3 PK between two teams. Defeat all your enemies in a Bo3 match and seize the victory
    Moba Mode: 5 vs 5: 
    Disputes over the battlefield map, the battle between ten people, who is the ultimate King.
    Battlefield Mode: 10 vs 10 
    This mode features a 10vs10 battle in a big map, players can fight individually or in small teams. The main target of this mode is to occupy the resource points by teamwork. Each bout lasts for 10 minutes
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