Endless Space 2 Drops 2 New Content Updates

Endless Space 2
Endless Space 2

The team at Amplitude Studios has been hard at work and announced Untold Tales and Lost Symphony as surprise content updates for the popular strategic space opera Endless Space 2. These two content packs bring the total now to nine, adding to the existing six free and one paid DLC bundles.

Untold Tales Content Pack

This content pack adds four new minor factions and 25 associated quests. It includes the return of the community chosen “Sowers” from Endless Space and the aquatic Sefaloros. Additionally, there are four new heroes with their own traits and features.

Lost Symphony

Endless Space 2 – Lost Symphony harkens the return of fan favourite Harmony, a new minor faction. It also adds 7 new exclusive music tracks:

  1. Boltzmann Brains
  2. Light Curve
  3. Lost Cities
  4. Forgotten Moon
  5. Flat Geometry
  6. Digital Minds
  7. Unstable Molecule

To promote the launch, Endless Space 2 is on sale now through March 19, for 50% off. Both Untold Tales and Lost Symphony are 10% off.

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