Endless Space 2 Launches a Free Weekend on Steam


If you’ve been looking for something to do this weekend, you may want to check out Endless Space 2. The game is totally free to play from now through November 20th for PC on Steam. To give you reason to play, a special “Play to Win” event is running. The more players try the game during the Steam Free Weekend, the bigger the upcoming free DLC gets.

Now that’s some incentive!

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Here are the full details:

If you’re new to grand strategy games, this is a one-time opportunity jump into it now with one of the best and most accessible games of the genre! If you’re a strategy games veteran and have not played this game yet, don’t leave an opening for other strategy lovers to make fun of your oversight! Head to STEAM and try it now, and by the way, if you like what you see, you can grab the game for half the price (wink wink nudge nudge).

Already an ES2 player? We’ve got you covered! Here at Amplitude, a Free Weekend always comes with a PLAY-TO-WIN Community Challenge! The more players try the game during the Steam Free Weekend, the bigger an upcoming Free DLC gets!


Nope, we’re not done yet! Endless Space 2 owners will be glad to know we’ve listened to their wishes and released a huge Free Update called Galactic Statecraft which includes a revamped diplomacy system, improved alliances tools, pirate lairs, orbital stations, endgame visual improvements, new game events and a hall of fame to keep track of your campaign performances!

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