Endless Space to Expand with “Vaulters” On January 25th

Amplitude is ready to unleash a massive content expansion in Endless Space 2 in honor of the studio’s seventh anniversary. Called “Vaulters”, the new content is expected to be released on January 25th. According to press information, the Vaulters are “an all-time fan favorite civilization” that has had its place in the games.

Here’s what we know about the Vaulters DLC:

  • Vaulters is a new civilization with abilities including teleportation
  • the new civilization uses the Argosy, a legacy super colonizer ship
  • heroes include Opbot
  • they will have unique buildings, technologies, a new starting special node and the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization
  • a themed main questline
  • “exotic combat modules”
  • pirate diplomacy gameplay feature

Vaulters is currently 10% off on Steam, so grab it for $9.89 this week only. After that, it will return to its normal $10.99 price.

Other Endless Space 2 news

In other news, last November players were challenged to a “Play to Win” free weekend to unlock new content. All of the items that players helped unlock are now available as an add-on over at Games2gether platform.

The special content add on includes:

  • High Energy Plasmasphere planetary anomaly
  • 6-branches spiral galaxy type
  • an immigration crisis event
  • Swarm Missiles, Railguns & Energy Squadron ship modules
  • Burra Techseeker hero
  • Mezari Fleet skin
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