Endzone: A World Apart Gets Early Access Release Date

Endzone: A World Apart, a post-apocalyptic survival game with a twist, is due to bring the end times to PC in April.

On 2nd April the end times will come. We’re not talking about the ongoing pandemic, but German developer Gentlymad Studios’ brand new settlement building sim. Taking a Two Point Hospital style management simulation and adding a post-apocalyptic façade, Endzone: A World Apart is a settlement building game with plenty of challenges to endure. Taking place around 150 years in the future, after a nuclear incident, the remaining survivors struggle to survive under players’ guidance.

Players will get a chance to lead their very own ragtag band of humanity through everything that awaits in the wastelands of the future. As each village builds a settlement they will need to gather resources while droughts, sandstorms, toxic rain, and the latent radioactivity lurking in the ground all try to set things even further back.

A Whole New World

Radiation will play a key role in Endzone, with a dynamically simulated series of ground cells, each impacted by the weather and contamination that sweeps through the landscape. Players can manage their way around these problems or invest in tech trees to build a ramshackle shanty town into something a little more recognizable to those of us from the 21st Century. All this continues while you send out teams of brave explorers to uncover what lies out in the huge world that awaits survivors. If you loved the dystopian future of the Fallout series or even liked the political challenge of Frostpunk but wanted something a bit different then Endzone: A World Apart looks like an interesting new appearance.

Players can check out all the details over at the official website, wishlist it over on the official Steam Store page or get a glimpse in the official trailer above.


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