Enter A New Metaverse Update In Volta-X

Volta-X, the strategic mecha busting battler, just got a new Metaverse update.

Announced by Gungho Entertainment Online, the same studio that is busy messing up the Fate/stay night timeline again, this brand new update to the Volta-X universe bundles in a ton of new ideas, characters, and mechas that should even keep all of us in the dam robot!

Metaverse Mode

A brand new Metaverse Mode adds in a whole new game type for Volta-X pilots, providing offline combat. As you boot up to crush your opponents without the aid of an internet connection, Metaverse mode lets you choose between a randomized set of load-outs and compete in challenges to survive multiple battles. Between battles, repairs and upgrades should allow even the most damaged mech to upgrade and adapt to the onslaught of chrome-plated damage.

New Voltas

Two new Votlas enter the ring this time around. Each of the extra options provides a new way to play, their own unique features and mechanics to keep kicking through the waves of incoming enemies.

  • Valkyrie: a Transformer that can switch between a Tank and Human form at will
  • Irontail: a Volta that wields a third-hand weapon with their powerful tail and whose scorching hot special move adds fire to their next nine attacks
New Weapons & More

Of course, plenty of new rides means new weapons to strap on. Six additional damage dealers are added to the Metaverse Update, loading up anything from an in your face cannon to teeny-tiny nanomachines:

  • Blaster Cannon: a Shoulder-Arm part that deals damage based off the current charge
  • Black Hole Beam: a Shoulder-Arm part that creates a black hole in a target room, which will pull in crew members from adjacent rooms
  • Nanomachine Cloud: generates a healing aura effect that will heal all rooms over time
  • Destroyer: adds crew damage to all of your parts
  • Ice Launcher: adds an iced effect to a target room, which will slow down the repair rate and crew movement, plus extinguish fires
  • Auto Turret: periodically fires if a crewmate is present inside a room

Alongside the extra explosive options, the new Volta-X Metaverse update is also adding in new training rooms, extra emotes, a new Boss Volta and updated specials to switch up the action in the game.

If you’ve not tried out Volta-X already then you’re missing out on a real-time strategy RPG where players control a giant fighting mech, using a crew of animal pilots. Think FTL mixed with Gundam, and a tinge of Zootopia. Honestly, if that doesn’t hook you nothing will. Check out the trailer above for the new Volta-X Metaverse update or grab it on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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