Enter The Oldest House In A New Control Trailer

During Gamescom 2018, I was absolutely blown away by Remedy’s newest game, Control. Now you can take a tour of this upcoming RPG in a brand new trailer.

Published by 505 Games and developed by the creators of Quantum Break and Alan Wake, Control is an exploration of the unknown. Taking everything that they learned from previous outings, developer Remedy set out to make a brutalist paranormal thriller that provides a genuinely interactive experience. It takes place in a world that twists our familiar reality with strange and unexplained events. After a secret organization, the Federal Bureau of Control, is invaded by otherworldly creatures, it is up to players to travel to the Oldest House.

Taking on the role of Jese Faden, the new and entirely inexperienced director of the FBC, players must make their way through this unique location, cleansing it of the chaos that clutters the hallways. The backdrop for the latest trailer, the Oldest House is the Headquarters of the FBC and it is far from the mundane office block you might know. Brutalist architecture creates a cold and clinical ambiance as a shifting maze of dangers moves around you and unnatural distortions of reality await your attention. It was initially discovered back in 1964, during an investigation into an altered world event and this place of power eventually became home to the FBC. The trailer details more of this Hq’s history while standing between our world and the hostile thresholds of other realities. The Oldest House really is a central character in this story and is almost as compelling as the main protagonist.

Once you are finished with the briefing from the FBCs ex-director, Zacharia Trench, you might want to find out a bit more before Control arrives on PlayStation 4, Xobx One and PC in 2019. Head over to the official website to get the latest updates before taking back Control.

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