Enter The Pit And Shred Your Friends When Metal Powered EleMetals Arrives On Switch and Xbox

RedDeer.games has announced that chaotic riff s and headbanging destruction is hoping to strike a chord with Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners when it lands on the two consoles this year.

Originally kicking off a bloody arena-based brawl on PC, this animated local multiplayer will jump the wall of death and make it onto the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S|X later this year. Developer Wallride originally unleashed a title where players were able to pick from one of six metal head with elemental powers. Across a range of deadly realms, scrolling levels, and between a whole array of deadly traps, 2-4 competitors engaged in a death metal match to see who came out victorious.

Now, console owners can get in on the gig, with frantic button mashing accompanied by a killer soundtrack. During battle, you’ll be able to move in any direction, bend, or hover – Dash towards enemies to destroy them, dash into Shards to bounce them back, or dash past traps to avoid dying! It all looks pretty frantic, based on the new trailer, and it is likely you’ll all die, lots. However, death is not the end and anybody with a decent button bashing technique can use their arcade skills to return your soul to your corpse – though it gets more complex with each death!

Thirty challenging levels await, hosting frantic action across three realms and plenty of local destruction. If you’ve got a soft touch for games featuring a bit of the hard stuff then check out the trailer above and have a look at the official Steam Store for more on EleMetals.

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