Epic Did Not Know The Fortnite Cheater Was A Minor

Couple weeks ago Epic Games found itself in an interesting spot. Back in October, the company has shared its views on cheating in its games, particularly in Fortnite, following a rather large ban wave. Epic has also taken two players to the court for infringing the company’s copyrights. However, since then it was revealed that one of the cheaters is only 14 years old. His mother, unhappy with the lawsuit and with Epic’s actions, wrote a letter directly to the court where she reinforced that publicly revealing her son’s name goes against Delaware laws. You can find the full letter here.

Now it is Epic’s legal counsel’s turn to send the letter to the court. The document points out that the legal restrictions only apply when the person in question is known to be a minor. The company had no knowledge of that and, therefore, did not break the law. The second part seems to indicate the company has no intentions of dropping the case as the letter mentions “using only defendant’s initials or redacting his name entirely in all future filings”.

It seems that the company, however, does not intend to “destroy” the defendants as the second cheater in question got off the hook with pretty much a slap on the wrist and a promise to cheat no more, or else… The settlement between Epic and Charles Vraspir forbids him from cheating in any games of the company or he will have to pay up a penalty of minimum $5000.

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