Epic Game Store Giving Away Abzu and The End is Nigh

Abzu EPic Game Store

The Epic Game Store is giving away yet another round of games and this time players can pick up Abzû and The End Is Nigh for free.

As part of the ongoing deluge of free titles by Epic, a brand new set of games is now available for players to access for free. For a limited time, gamers logging into the Epic storefront can download a pair of games that are distinctly different experiences. First on the list for this week is the epic exploration game Abzu.


The brainchild of Matt Nava, Abzu is an indie experience like few others. Delving deep below the ocean, players swim through vast open oceans, colorful corals, and strange new environments. Gradually uncovering the world beneath the waves uncovers ruins wreckage and an untold story that is more than words. Abzu is a gorgeous and expansive game that is best played to be understood, even if I tried during our review. Thankfully, you can play it for yourself.

The End is Nigh

The second of these two titles is the apocalyptic platformer, The End is Nigh. Originally released back in 2017, even making its way onto Nintendo Switch. If you didn’t get an opportunity to try it out yet then this indie platformer was considered to be a spiritual successor to the enormously fun Epic Meat Boy when it arrived and it is easy to see why. Players jumping into this world will find a 2D title and a black blob named Ash. After an incident that crashes Ash’s very own computer cartridge, players take Ash on a tour of the post-apocalyptic ruins of the world in an attempt to find a friend. With nothing else to do, you’ll jump across 600+ single-screen interconnected levels, forming 12+ chapters and possibly find that connection Ash is looking for. We’re fairly sure Bill enjoyed it when he got to play with Ash in our review.

Both of these games are great additions to your PC gaming library and if you haven’t dabbled with them yet then now is the time. You can check out both these games over on the Epic store now and grab them for free until 12 September.

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