Epic Games Blasts Battle Breakers Onto PC And Mobile

Battle Breakers, a cool looking new RPG from Epic Games, has just crashed into front rooms and it’s looking to bring back the joy of Saturday morning cartoon marathons.

Available now on PC, iOS, and Android platforms this new RPG takes a throwback look at some of the Saturday morning classics that shaped our moral compass. This cartoon inspired hero collector is set in a world where monsters from the furthest reaches of outer space have trapped Earth’s greatest heroes in a technomagic crystal. With these warriors out of action, it is up to you to assemble a team to take back the planet.

Players picking up this RPG will find a huge range of heroes to collect, each with their own backstory and abilities. With a vast roster to choose from, you’ll be able to assemble and upgrade the perfect team to take on the forces of evil. Over 1000 dungeons, a range of challenges, and Skybreaker Quests await adventurers as they traverse the world and try to eliminate invading forces.

Players who pick up this free to play title will be able to jump in right away and grab a battle pass for all the usual pay to play style incentives. The game features some awesome looking animation that nods to both the Saturday morning cartoons of the early 2000s and more modern eastern aesthetics that are prevalent in the mobile market. This isn’t just a mobile title, however. Cross platform play allows players to take their progress from the desktop to the morning commute without the need to dabble in virtualization technology.

Don’t expect this to be the new Fortnite. Battle Breakers was developed by a small team in Epic as a passion project. If you are looking to get a glimpse of the battle ahead then check out the trailer above. You can grab this title over at the Epic Games Store, the Apple App Store, the Android Epic Games App, or the Samsung Galaxy Store.


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