Epic Games Embraces Nvidia GeForce Now Streaming Service


The video gaming industry is changing quickly with Nvidia GeForce now giving players an opportunity to stop spending thousands of dollars on gaming rigs thanks to the NOW service.

In a world full of entertainment, tech giants are competing for dominance. But none can really uproot the other. That is the status quo of the gaming industry today. And so, Epic Games are now fully behind Nvidia GeForce NOW streaming & gaming service. As you can guess, streaming is a popular segment, and it’s an essential part of any gaming or iGaming for that matter experience – just ask slotsdoc.com

Now, Epic Games seems to be onboard with GeForce’s all inroads in streaming. As authors of Fortnite, the world’s most popular Battle Royale title, Epic definitely knows how to launch and develop successful products. The question is, can GeForce live up to the expectations of fans?

Well, Epic CEO Tod Sweeney has given the platform’s chances of success a decent boost, arguing that Fortnite will be one of the products that will be heavily featured on NOW, and it will also be bringing some exclusively. With this said, let’s have a look at what the GeForce’s product truly is.

What’s GeForce’s NOW and Why Does It Matter?

For those of you who are not quite up to date, NOW is not just a streaming service. In fact, that’s hardly ever been the main focus. Instead, GeForce is offering you a chance to transform any device into a powerful gaming rig – it doesn’t matter what you are using and where.

With this inherent boost, you will get a chance to play all your favorite games without necessarily owning a rig that costs thousands of dollars. Instead, you can pay GeForce a subscription and be well on your way into some of the world’s most resource-hungry games that will help you have quite a bit of blast.

GEForce NOW 1

But why does this matter? For a while now, there has been a fad of real gamers continuously improving their gaming gear. Buying a PC has become an intensely performance-focused process. You can’t just buy anything, and if you want to scale it to last for at least 2 or 3 years, you have to be prepared to buy the correct motherboard, to say the least.

Yet, to many consumers, this has been a nightmare and many have even turned away from PC gaming to favor mobile and consoles. However, GeForce believes that PC gaming is not dead. Also though it might look like the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful graphic chips would start losing revenue – due to theoretically falling hardware sales – GeForce is not concerned.

Gaming is still very much en vogue, and the company knows that. What is necessary for success, however, is to innovate and give dormant gamers a jostle to get back into gaming at once.

Why Buy a Streaming PC When You Can Have It All?

A service such as Twitch would already expect you to have the hardware to be able to run a stream, but this shouldn’t be the case. With GeForce NOW, it all comes in one neat little package designed to optimize gaming and spread your good name, showcase your skill and ultimately bring you the social approval of fellow gamers.

Sweeney’s commitment to the platform is also indicative of something he said a few years back – the industry leaders can learn from each other. Fortnite has been criticized for borrowing PUBG’s model.

Epic games aren’t too concerned about this accusation, because – as it turns out – Fortnite has proven a tad more successful. Put another way, if PUBG has thought of Fortnite, they would have created Fortnite.

Today, with the arrival of GeForce NOW, this is yet another example of how the industry continues to innovate and bring a level of entertainment that truly stands out.

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