Epic Games Store – Claim & Keep Pine For Free

Epic Games Store - Claim & Keep Pine For Free

As a part of this week’s giveaway, Epic Games Store allows players to claim and keep open-world action-adventure Pine. All you have to do is proceed to the site and get the game by May 13th!

Set in the beautiful world of Albamare, you take on the role of Hue, a smart young adult who will have to explore, trade, and fight his way through a vibrant world filled with creatures much smarter than humans.

As you’re looking for a new home for your tribe to settle in, you’ll have to engage with the large-scale ecology of Albamare. Prepare by exploring, bartering, talking, crafting, and fighting in six different biomes, with and against a diverse cast of species that will not simply help you.

Next week, between May 13th and May 20th, players will be able to claim The Lion’s Song, a narrative adventure game. It is steeped in early 20th-century history and focuses on a cast of Austrian artists and scientists with each episode taking a closer look at their intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration.

Each character possesses an exceptional mind & the game draws players into a story of personal struggle for creativity, human connections & inspiration: a talented composer suffering from writer’s block before her breakthrough concert, an up-and-coming painter growing through his challenges & a brilliant mathematician trying to make her voice heard in a men’s world. The choices players make ultimately determine if the protagonists find the success they are working for.

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While growing up in the wilds of Russia, Catherine learned to talk, write and game at almost the same time. You can follow her attempts at latter two at MMORPG.com and GameSpace.

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