Epic Loot! The Tanzia Team are Giving Away an N64

Incredible storylines, mysterious new worlds, and all the shiny loot. Many of us remember the moment when we overcame the old school sensibilities of a particularly difficult RPG, felled the latest dungeon boss, and picked up the best drops. Now, Arcanity Inc is celebrating the launch of Tanzia on the Nintendo Switch by dropping their very own epic loot.

The indie developers behind this action-adventure RPG have had a mint N64 squirreled away for years and now you just need to fell the social media monster to grab it. In the team’s own words, here’s what you need to do

Step 1: Retweet our Twitter post about this giveaway  with the name of your favorite Nintendo game EVER.

Step 2: Reply to that tweet with a screenshot from that game.

Step 3: Make sure you follow us on our @Playtanzia Twitter account.

Step 4: ?????

Step 5: Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR!!!! (if you get the lucky pick!)

Tanzia is an indie RPG that takes old RPG ideas and throws them into a huge 3D world full of magic and monsters. An incredibly rich environment awaits players who can take on challenges, from lowly Akiri birds to mighty mystical kings. As you retrace the steps of your ancestors, it is up to you to master your magical abilities and save Tanzia from evil.

Tanzia is out today on the Nintendo eShop. Go get your loot! from the @Playtanzia twitter account.

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