Epic Seven Has Updates Already

Epic Seven

If you spend most of your time gaming on the small screen then you might have picked up Epic Seven. Just weeks after hitting western shores, this mobile RPG is bringing a series f new updates to this anime adventure.

Developed by Super Creative and out now on western shores, Epic Seven is a free to play Korean mobile RPG that puts players in the shoes of Ras, the Heir of the Covenant and a young warrior, who awoke many years after the destruction of the Sixth World. Ras must fight to prevent the imminent destruction of the seventh world. Tepic Seven features full-frame animation for all of its character and cutscenes, turn-based combat, and promises players an epic storyline.

Epic Updates

Now the developers behind Epic Seven have added a plethora of new details, new set items, whole two new characters to the game’s roster and an extra character transition. Joining Ras are two new characters Blaze Dingo and Silver Blade Amarintha. These two companions come from distinctly different backgrounds. Blaze Dingo is the quirky chief of the Wild Dog Company. The four-star Soul Weaver focuses on dealing light elemental damage. Amarintha, in comparison, is a five-star mage who deals out a tremendous amount of elemental fire damage, leaving foes in a smoldering mess.

The latest update to Epic Seven also includes a new set of challenges. The special Azimanal Hunt 11 will allow players to test out these new characters and drops some special rewards. Completing this hunt rewards players with the materials required to forge the Immunity Set, Rage Set, or the Unity Set. With new warrior and additional armor, the newest update to Epic Seven promises to give players a real edge.

For those players that have already invested enough time to score a three-star Rikoris character at level 50 can make use of Epic Seven’s new character transition. Transforming this character into Captain Rikoris upgrades his abilities and unlocks access to a powerful Spearmanship ability.

If you want to take on these new challenges, Epic Seven is already available on iOS, Andoird. If you want to find out more about Epic Seven, you can check out the official website.

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