Epic Shut Down Fortnite Global Chat And Founder’s Chat Temporarily For Upcoming Major Improvements

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Epic finally decided to take actions on the vicious and flooded spamming and trading requests in Fortnite, although since the first toxic advertisement had been made and broadcasted in global chat for more than six months. The official announcement of disabling the global and founder’s chat temporarily was released 3 days ago, got carried out within few hours by Fortnite Tech Support team. Those players, who suffered from spammings’ harassment and Epic’s indulgence for those scammers for a very long time, hooray for the “long overdue” rectification and shutdown, wondered what the next steps Epic would take to isolate or prohibit tons of “chat invaders” once for all.

According to Epic official announcement, this shutdown will not be lifted until they come up with major improvements to the chats’ functionality, which generally regarded as “crippled” and “mutilated” under thousands of requests and advertisements spread wickedly in the chats on a daily basis. Here is Epic’s original announcement released on Reddit:

Hey everyone,

We will be disabling Global and Founder’s Chat while we work on improvements to their functionality.

Global Chat and Founder’s Chat was introduced to be used as a group oriented tool to engage and cooperate with fellow players. It has not accomplished these goals and has begun to affect performance.

The team is heads down working towards making major improvements to this system and we will enable Global and Founder’s Chat when this work is complete.

Thanks for sticking with us while we work out these issues.

“Normally, when a basic function of a game is shut down, people are upset. Says something that this is almost universally celebrated.” a viewer elaborated his feelings towards this announcement and the funniest thing is, another Redditor replied with a video link, comparing the Fortnite news to the scenario when the crowd celebrate and parade spontaneously after hearing about” The witch is dead” in The Wizzard of Oz.

Essentially, too many spamming in global chat caused inevitable laggy mission selection and FPS drop, for those who even don’t open themselves up or listen attentively in global chat, but zero in on the gameplay and battle experience exclusively, disabling the global chat is the most adequate choice to make, rather than banning certain spamming-oriented accounts or rebuilding the mute system as the other gregarious players preferred.

Servers are borked because spambots technically DDoS’d the servers by sending millions of messages a second. Doesn’t matter if you disable it on your end, or if Epic creates sixteen different trade chat channels, the servers will still be overloaded.

I guess what Epic is doing now is putting on some message per minute rate, filtering out web addresses, and auto-banning spammers. Now, traders can stay as long as they are real kids and not bots. In the future, who knows? Maybe there will be a trade channel or something, I’d like that.

The above statement was made and published by one of the viewers of this Epic announcement, with some constructive thoughts on how to rebuild a new chat, it also enlighten us why there are the so many spammers can’t be shielded even though implementing certain measurements by ourselves. Will epic make a compromise to the minority devious leech/taxi/spammers/traders by implanting additional peculiar channel for them in the future? We will keep an eye for the latest movements of Epic regarding this issues for you.

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