Epic Games Sues Former Employee For Leaking Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite Former Employee

As reports, Epic Games, known for their hard lines against the cheating players, is taking legal actions against a former employee, Thomas Hannah, for allegedly leaking information about Fortnite. According to the company,  due to his actions Epic suffered and is continuing to suffer irreparable injury

Hannah has been working on Fortnite and thus had access to the information Epic might have wanted to keep until a certain time. Epic implies that he has broken his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when Hannah shared the details of the Meteor Saga that were later published on Reddit.

You can find the entire text of the lawsuit here. You can also see Hannah’s defence here.

In disclosing these trade secrets, Defendant breached his contractual obligation to maintain them in confidence and betrayed the trust of the people at Epic with whom he worked.

He also diminished the enjoyment of the people who play, or who watch others play, Fortnite by ruining the suspense that had been building in the Fortnite community in
anticipation of the upcoming season. Helping to create this anticipation and excitement was Epic’sgoal. It was the result of considerable planning, creativity, and hard work by Epic’s employees who leave hints and hide “Easter eggs” in the game, and publish “teasers” and “trailers” outside of it– all so Fortnite fans remain engaged in and enthusiastic about the game.

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