Episode Gladiolus – Did You Ever Wonder What Happened to Him?

Episode Gladiolus

In Episode Gladiolus, Final Fantasy XV players finally get to learn what happened when he disappeared for a time. On return, he came back a little worse for the wear.

MMO’s Rob Lashley takes a look at Episode Gladiolus has a great preview of the new FFXV DLC with a few thoughts about what happened to him, though it does come with a SPOILER WARNING!

Here’s tiny snippet of what Rob thinks:

The dev team has created a handful of new models for this DLC as well as created some unique reskins. The skeletal imps immediately jumped out to me as a new twist on an old foe from the base game. My biggest complaint would be that you can complete the entire story in under an hour. I spent my time exploring and looking for all the items and pillars and still managed to kill Gilgamesh in under 75 minutes.

Be sure to swing by MMORPG to check out Rob’s full preview and then let us know what you think!

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