EPOS Cut The Cords With The New GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

EPOS has just gone mobile with the launch of the new GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds.

With mobile gaming taking something of a step forward these days, grabbing your trusty gaming headset, maybe something like the EPOS GSP 601, and heading out in the morning might look a little bit conspicuous. Epos looks like they are set to make high performance mobile audio integral to their brand with the latest launch under the EPOS banner. The brand new GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds are a game changing new bit of kit designed for the mobile adventurer and feature a raft of tech to immerse you in the action.

Out now and compatible with Nintendo Switch, Android phone, PC and Sony PlayStation devices, the GTW 270 earbuds come encased in a sleek gunmetal silver design and are molded to ensure they stay in place for hours without the discomfort of a huge plastic headband. Beyond their discrete stylings, the newest EPOS earbuds AptX™ low latency codec offers clarity of delivery tuned specifically for gaming. While you’re busy enjoying the wildlife around Mondstadt, your new companions will still be able to hear you thanks to the dual-channel Bluetooth 5.1 connection, ensuring that no slip of the tongue or moment of gamer rage should go unheard.

“The discreet, yet iconic design makes the GTW 270 Hybrid an excellent product for those who are looking for amazing wireless earbuds for mobile gaming with the best audio quality and no latency. Whether immersed in a gaming session at break time or catching a few rounds of their favourite game on their Switch or phone on a daily commute, the GTW 270 Hybrid delivers no-compromise sound excellence for the gamer on the go.” says Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Head of Global Marketing at EPOS.

The GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds are a very different new addition to the EPOS brand and a wonderful new pocket powerhouse for on the go gaming. They come with a portable charging case, USB-C dongle, different-sized ear tips and USB-C to USB-A converter cable, and a suggested retail price of $199 USD/C$249 CAD. The dongle-free GTW 270 version is available now for pre-order with a suggested retail of $169 USD/C$199 CAD. Both wireless earbuds can be found at eposaudio.com/gaming.

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