Escalation details revealed for PlanetSide 2

Planetside 2

Daybreak Games has great news for fans of PlanetSide 2. The huge Escalation update is coming to the game on February 19th. It brings with it several new systems and features along with the requisite bug fixes and enhancements. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Operational Bastion Fleet Carriers

Each Outfit in the game now can access a Bastion, a “massive interplanetary craft” that can be called into battle. It can take down enemies from a distance thanks to its “mannable turrets” and doubles as a vehicle spawn point. It’s not easy to bring down either. Coordinated attacks will be required to pierce its armor and weaken it enough to bring it down. “Bastions require significant Outfit coordination and investment to call in, and each Empire can only field one at any given time.”

War Assets

These are craftable assets that can be used to change the course of battle and provide strategic control of the battlefield. As players capture bases, they earn Outfit resources that can be used to craft assets including Steel Rain, Citadel Shield, Bastion Fleet Carrier, ANVIL, Orbital Satellite Uplink, and more.

Outfit Wars

These are monthly competitions in “a battle for off-planet supremacy”. Outfits will need to qualify in order to participate. Battles are GvGvG where the victor takes home resources, rewards, and glory.

Outfit Loyalty

This is a personal progression system for players. The Loyalty Level increases in “a battle rank-style vertical progression” and Merit is earned by “completing meritorious actions with your Outfit”. Players earn Merit currency that can be spent at vendors in Sanctuary.


“This update also brings the debut of Sanctuary, a new social hub for players of all Empires. Initially, Sanctuary will serve as a recruitment area for Outfit leaders, a trading space for new vendor NPCs, and a low-key relaxation zone for the war-weary. ”

Read more details on the PlanetSide 2 Steam page.

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