Escape With Islanders on PlayStation & Xbox Consoles

Islanders, the scenic island building game from Coatsink, is about to break ground on PlayStation and Xbox on 26 August.

After this calming island getaway featured on Nintendo’s showcase and landed on the Switch earlier in the week, Developer GrizzlyGames and publisher Coatsink have confirmed that Islanders is coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The laid back builder will hit PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S through backwards compatibility and will be priced at £4.49,$4.99 USD,€4.99,¥549 as of 26 August.

For those of you that missed the Nintendo Indie world Showcase, Isnalders is a minimalist city-building strategy game where you’ll construct cities using a range of in game mechanics. Across the constrained space of an individual island, players can place buildings in the most ergonomic way to earn points, reach the score target to build more (& cooler!) stuff. No two games should turn out with the same challenge thanks to procedurally generated islands. Everything from lush green hills to dry deserts and snowy mountainscapes awaits explorers in Islanders.

“Making ISLANDERS was always about bringing city building to new audiences, so we’re thrilled to release the game on console for new budding island constructors (Console Players) to give it a try. We wanted to make a cozy, relaxing strategy game and we can’t wait for people to be able to play ISLANDERS from the comfort of the couch” Friedemann Allmenröder – Co-founder GrizzlyGames

While this new console edition of Islanders might not quite be Cities Skylines or Two Point Hospital, you’ll likely still find plenty of challenge on your very own island getaway. For more check out the official Islanders website now before it comes to Xbox and PlayStation. Alternatively PC players can find out plenty about this title by grabbing it now over on Steam.

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