Essential Workers Receive Meditation Game “Playne” For Free


Essential workers have been key during the world’s struggle as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues. However, these medical responders and educators are often over-burdened with stress during these trying times. Lush PC has announced that it is helping these vital workers keep their balance by providing free keys to their innovative meditation game, Playne. Medical personnel and teachers are invited to write to using their work email address (or from an unrelated email address with an explanation of their job) to receive a key to the game.

About Playne
  • Gameplay that helps to build a daily habit of meditation & mindfulness
  • Learn and practice meditation & mindfulness, journaling, and breath exercises
  • Build resilience to stress, experience calm, and develop mental well-being
  • An effective strategy for anyone looking to start new, healthier habits
  • Created by a BAFTA Nominated filmmaker
  • No subscriptions — purchase is for life
Gameplay Features
  • Gameworld grows and transforms as you build your habit of meditation
  • Story Mode: Discover the story of Playne with Fox
  • Sandbox Mode: Design and create your own meditation spaces in Sandbox Mode
  • Evolve Mode: Explore an immense open-world island in Evolve mode (end game unlock)
  • Unlock effects and abilities as you progress
  • Control the weather and time to create your own immersive ambiances

Learn more about Playne by visiting its Steam page.

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