EvE Echoes Launch Coming August

eve echoes launch august

In a special Twitch Stream today, NetEase and CCP just unveiled the launch window for EvE Echoes and it arrives in August

Wei Su, Senior Producer at NetEase, unveiled, live on Twitch that EvE Echoes is coming to mobile platforms in August 2020. For those that might not have caught the news, EvE Echoes is an on the go spin-off from the main EvE universe that first popped up on our radar last year. In development for several years, EvE Echoes promises to bring players on iOS and Android an experience that looks set to expand the EvE fanbase quite significantly.

Mobile Space Race

During the presentation, three of the team behind the upcoming title took questions from the community and revealed a lot more than just the release window. Prior to this major drop, the presentation confirmed that the sci-fi sandbox MMO will feature a massive variety of worlds. More than 8000 planets and huge space battles of 100 ships await players, but we already knew that. Instead, players got a rundown of the monetization scheme, which looks set to replicate the ISK and PlEX system in EvE Online. It also looks likely that the handheld version of the game will include a monthly pass, providing players access to an Omega Clone.

Home Sweet Home

The stream also gave new pilots a glimpse at Personal outposts, a system that mimics Corporation headquarters in EvE Online but provides a personal sanctuary for individuals looking to explore the far reaches of null sec space. Anybody who doesn’t know what any of those things mean should feel pretty confident, as the stream also dipped into the breadth of tutorials available for anybody who hasn’t plugged into a fighter before.

As well as lots of detail about the game’s UI improvements and other mobile updates, the big drop at the end of this presentation came in the form of the Yan Jung. Any of you that have already played EvE will know the Yan Jung as an ancient race that left New Eden. Well, they’re back and we’re not entirely sure of their intentions. What we do know is the shape of their ships and we also got a glimpse of the oriental aesthetic that NetEase took to designing this unknown race.

There’s probably too much for us to dive into now but with a ton of information, you can catch all the stream over at the official EvE Echoes Twitch Channel or pre-register for EvE Echoes by flying over to the official website now.


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