EvE Echoes Launches Open Beta

EvE Echoes Beta

Today EvE Echoes jumps into the unknown. The brand new mobile title from CCP Games and Netease has just launched into Open Beta across iOS and Android devices.

Strap in for liftoff as Eve enters a brand new era. Explorers, Mercenaries, and Rookie pilots from across the world can finally take a fully-fledged Eve experience on the go as EvE Echoes opens up for beta testing. After successfully completing a prior Alpha test phase recently, the mobile version of this space-faring monster is taking recruits from Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea, and New Zealand.

New Adventures

Set in an alternative universe from the CCP mainstay, EvE Echoes is a new experience that promises to squeeze the full Eve experience onto mobile phones. As the bleeding edge of pilots, you will venture out into the harsh frontier of space taking the opportunity to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy, engaging in interstellar combat, piracy, resource harvesting, industrial manufacture, and trade. Like its desktop counterpart, this mobile experience is a fully functional sandbox and seems to have some impressive stats. While it might be shrunk down into a six-inch screen, EvE Echoes contains over 8000 Star systems and over 100 unique ships. The game engine can support fleet combat with more than 100 people and the graphics seem quite outstanding for a mobile game. This is a long way off from CCP’s FPS experiment, Dust 514.

The Open Beta phase of this test should bring a bunch of improvements to the game, in its current state. The next stage of testing brings new sips, more advanced modules, and the introduction of drone systems. In addition to combat extras, the beta brings a new tutorial system for green pilots, the ITC trading platform, Storyline missions, and a wholesale revision of the skilling system. I have barely even scratched the surface of what appears to be a giant leap for mobile gaming. We’re incredibly excited to see how this title develops and it might even push me to a brand new phone.

If you’re interested in the life of a capsuleer then you can find out more about the Eve Echoes Open beta at the official website. You can also grab it on the Apple Testflight page and Google Play Store now.

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