EVE Online – Champions of Lowsec Results Inforgraphic

Last month MMORPG EVE Online held a five-day long PvP killing spree event. During this period, alliances and independent corporations vied for the coveted title of Champions of Lowsec. Over those five days the indomitable capsuleers who inhabit lowsec space indulged in a brutal carnival of violence, and the results are in!

Alliance Snuffed Out has been crowned the Champions of Lowsec. They destroyed 136 billion ISK in ships and pods! As the winning alliance they will be receiving:

  • Their flag displayed prominently at CCP’s new HQ for a month.
  • An in-game billboard advertisement celebrating their lowsec supremacy which will run for an entire month and be seen by every capsuleer in New Eden.
  • Medals from Mordu’s Legion awarded to every member of the alliance who showed up on a killmail in lowsec during the contest period.

Following close on Snuffed Out’s heels was Pen Is Out who came in second with 116 billion destroyed, followed by Test Alliance Please Ignore in third place with 62 billion destroyed.

  • During the contest period, 38,719 ships were destroyed throughout all lowsec space.
  • The most dangerous system overall was Tama with 5,033 ships and pods destroyed.
  • The killingest ship was the Gnosis with 5,992 kills during the contest period.
  • The dyingest ship was, well, capsules, with 8,254 omelettes made. As for actual ships the most common victim was the Tristan with 1,240 destroyed.
  • The most expensive kill was an Avatar class Titan which Snuffed Out very fortuitously happened upon and destroyed!
  • The most dangerous pilot during the contest was Niara Amatin who bagged 105 eligible solo kills.
  • The pilot who bagged the most expensive solo kill overall was Captn Michonne who picked off a very shiny Gila.

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