Groundrush Update Adds Better Coop, New Map to EVE Valkyrie

CCP is ready to update EVE Valkyrie, its ground breaking VR title. Groundrush will bring a new map as well as improved cooperative player and much more. The patch is expected to launch on April 11th.

What’s inside Groundrush?

First, the Solitude map is being added, a map that takes players out of open space and down to a planet’s surface. With all of the new hazards present, Solitude will present its own challenges as well as hours of fun.

Second, weekend wormholes have also been given a face lift including a host of new content including “wilder game play”. Take from that what you will!

There is going to be a noticeable difference in cooperative play with both Control and Carrier Assault added. The goal is to give players ways to play that best suit them.

On top of all these new additions, we’ve been making further changes to our Valkyrie League Alpha, improving our Training modules, tweaking our multiplayer playlists and fixing many bug and stability issues to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for all our pilots.

Sounds like a great time to dive into VR with EVE Valkyrie.

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