Even More New Nintendo Switch Versions Are Coming

new nintendo switch version

Anybody who just unwrapped the Latest Nintendo Switch as part of their holiday gifts this year might want to take note. We might be about to get a bunch of new Nintendo Switch consoles.

While this is all rumor and speculation, the source of this reveal is a bunch of Gamestop SKU codes, courtesy of twitter user @YuYUKamii. These product codes are listed alongside games such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which we already know is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. This list of product codes has reportedly been on the Gamestop internal systems for around a month, according to other twitter reports and seems to be consistent with what we’ve seen prior to other releases from the Japanese giant.

The significance of this twitter drop is that this type of detail usually precedes either a major announcement by the gaming giant or a Nintendo Direct update. Even more, rumors have been circulating that a Nintendo Direct is imminent and if this is true, lends even more credibility to the idea that we’re about to get a slew of new updates to the Nintendo handheld console.

While I don’t have any insider knowledge regarding what this means for Switch owners, it’s entirely likely that if the Nintendo Switch gets new versions then they will follow the same direction as the Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo Switch Lite that was announced alongside the initial release of the console. Nintendo has been no slouch at producing limited edition variant art styles for previous handhelds. We already have a whole host of new Joycon color variants to choose from. It’s unlikely that we will see any significant upgrades to the system hardware when we learn more about these SKU codes. That would likely ostracize fans that have already invested in the platform over the holidays. Whatever color your Nintendo Switch ends up being, there are tons of titles to chose from, take a look at some of the awesome titles we got to play on the Switch over the last year at Gamespace.


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