Ever Forward Is Coming To Consoles

Ever Forward, The thrilling adventure puzzle game from PM Studios and Pathea Games is coming to consoles in August 2021.

Just announced by publisher PM Studios, Ever Forward is set to jump from PC platforms to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox systems, and Nintendo Switch later this year. Due to arrive on 10 August 2021, this move to console will include both a physical and digital when this imaginative adventure arrives in front of a new audience.

Following the story of a young girl named Maya, Ever Forward plunges this protagonist into a strange and unfamiliar world. Trapped somewhere between imagination and reality, Maya must unlock her own memories and confront her fears to unlock the mysteries of this unusual backdrop. While Maya will need to circumvent a range of platforming puzzles that are designed to challenge your grey matter, Ever Forward also contains a touching narrative that is wound tightly to this character’s fate. As Maya explores further, players will find a gorgeously created, hand-crafted world that features a soothing pallet of colors and futuristic tones to spotlight the notion that everything is happening in a dream world. There’s plenty of artistic similarities to games like Incredible Mandy and RiME, making this an instantly alluring title for me.

While puzzle games can be hit or miss, Ever Forward’s initial release on PC, via Steam, received mostly positive reviews and fans of emotional tales like Gris will likely want to grab a copy of Ever Forward. Players eager to jump in can have a glimpse of the trailer above or head over to GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy and VGP where the Nintendo Switch physical release is already on pre-order and includes the original soundtrack composed of 10 original tracks from the development team at Pathea. For PC players and those looking to find out more, you can head over to the Ever Forward website right now to get a look at what lies ahead for Maya before Ever Forward leaps onto console.

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