Ever wonder what the black death was like? – Plague Tale will show you.


Have you ever wondered what the Black Death on the 14th century was like?  Well Asobo Studios did, so they made a game about it.  Announced today at E3, “A Plague Tale: Innocence,” a stealth game with a mix of action, adventure, and primarily stealth gameplay mechanics.

Set in 14th century France, you play the game through the eyes of two siblings fleeing from the Inquisition. Amicia, and her little brother Hugo, both orphans, have a lot on their plate.  Not only must they flee from the Inquisition, they do so amidst the Black Death, with plague infected swarms of rats that appeared all over with the great plague, infecting cities and countrysides everywhere within reach.

From the gameplay that was shown so far at E3, the game will be a primarily stealthy game in nature.  When you think of stealth games, you think darkness, right? That’s where the twist comes into play.  Instead of seeking darkness, you’re seeking light.  Torches, or any other portable light source.  Daylight will be scarce and you will have to navigate through what little light the game provides as these portable light sources will be not so easy to obtain and readily available.  The darkness will house swarms of plague infested rats waiting to swarm you and devour you whole.

These rats will play a huge, key role in the game.  Throughout the trailer these rats are the main draw and focus.  You can’t help but see them everywhere, in everything, they’re literally a sea of swarming rats.  Are you prepared to face your fears? Ready to walk through light puzzles in an attempt to navigate your way through the game?

While it’s still too early to know for certain whether or not the game will live up to expectations, with no release date as of now only time will tell.  This is an original story set within a scenario that really happened in history, the Black Death.  It’s a unique approach to the stealth game genre and I am genuinely optimistic about it.  The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

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