EverMerge Pulls It Together For Mobile Launch Today

Big Fish Games is bringing together gamers in a slightly different manner with the release of EverMerge today on mobile platforms.

Big Fish has just dropped a new title into its varied lineup of mobile games today. Following on from on the go titles like Toy Story Drop, the worldwide publisher has launched a tale of mystical merging with EverMerge. The brand new puzzle title from Big Fish challenges players on iOS and Android to clear a mysterious fog and piece together a storybook world by merging a litany of fairytale objects. Taking place across a world where famed story heroes live together in one offbeat world, EverMerge pushes players to merge and match similar items, transforming them into bigger and better objects and clearing the clutter from their screen. Anybody who has played titles like Merge Magic will understand the basic match-three gameplay loop that is involved here.

“Merge is a relatively new category for mobile gaming, and we’re excited to expand upon it with EverMerge,” said Jeff Karp, managing director and president of Big Fish. “We’ve learned a lot over the years from our puzzle players, and this game brings together favourite features like match and merge, with casual simulation elements such as gathering resources and world-building. EverMerge offers players robust gameplay and high-quality features with unique storybook characters who really steal the show.”

EverMerge, however, looks set to put its own twist on the casual matchmaking genre. With a distinct and cute theme, players in EverMerge look set to get the option to create their own unique, unexpected storybook world without having to play subquests and alternate missions to gain resources. The open nature of this environment means that there is no right way to win this time around. Players can focus on recipe making, task completion, or world-building to evolve and merge their way through the game.

If EverMerge is as open world as it sounds then it could be an interesting take on “Happily Ever After”. EverMerge is out now on the iOS app store and Google Play storefront.


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