EverQuest is Celebrating 23 Big Years with In-Game Fun


Darkpaw Games is unwrapping a plethora of fun in-game activities in celebration of 23 years of EverQuest. Players will be able to enter the venerable MMO to take part in some all-new content from now through May 10th. There is a brand new mission to explore, new quests, a new raid, new achievements, and more. Intrepid adventurers will also be treated to a surprise gift for logging in between now and April 20th.

In addition to the new content, players will be able to revisit some of the best birthday adventures of the past such as the return of Sailor Twift, a chance to help the Maitre D create a Fancy Feast, all alongside tons of great content for players of all levels to try out.

  • Quest – The Known Laws of Aviation – Giraga the troll has come to the sphinxes for information. He asked a warrior in her town to train her to be as strong as him. He laughed and told her, ‘mebbe when fish fly.’ Giraga has never seen a flying fish, so she has gone to the sphinxes for help. They gave her a book full of riddles and, presumably, solving them will lead her to flying fish.
  • Quest – Paintings Playing Poker – Big Slick Jones loves his poker, and one of his early poker memories is the stories that would be told about the crows playing poker at his hometown tavern, getting him interested in the craft. He’d love to hear more about the other paintings around Norrath and if they’re still up.
  • Quest – Death Finds a Way – Krastoraab, Acolyte of the Cycle, has a story that he wishes to tell any who is willing to hear it. A story about the cycle of life, death, and everything in between. He needs the help of several spirits who have since passed, and he is waiting for their cycle to begin anew.
  • Mission – Beyond Espoir – Players can pick up a quest from Krastoraab who will send them out to meet several disciples of the cycle. It’ll then be up to them to fight each of the disciples in order to understand the importance of the cycle. There are lots of steps to tackle, but the rewards will be worth it.
  • Raid – Mad Emperor – Rumors have been spreading about activity in Karnor’s Castle. Eerie green lights, screams, etc. Not that these things never happen in the castle, but never this frequently!

Grab more details by visiting the EverQuest official site.

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