Everspace Early Access Roadmap Warps Into New Star Systems

eversapce 2 early access roadmpa solar system

Eversapce 2 has barely burned into Early Access and already Rockfish games has unveiled plans for new content.

Early Access can be something of a slow burner for games getting off the ground but Eversapce 2, the follow up to the astronomically successful Everspace, looks like it’s going to have a world of content still to come. The team behind this spectacular looking space shooter have just released a roadmap for Early Access, providing a glimpse of the extraordinary looking array of new features and content coming up before the game even goes into full launch.

Throughout 2021, players who strapped in early can expect to see plenty of new star systems as they fly through space taking out evil s well as a bunch of new features to make those backdrops more interesting to fly through. For example, the star system Zharkov looks likely to join the galaxy soon, giving players an opportunity to get to the core of Grady & Brunt’s shady business operations while infiltrating the G&B ranks.


EVERSPACE 2 Roadmap 2021 680x1950


We also know that getting between systems should be easier as the year progresses, with fast travel highlighted in the new 2021 plans, alongside plenty of new story content, companions, and new ship classes. The reveal of the roadmap dropped a more in depth look at the new Vanguard and Bomber player ship sub classes, which look as cool as the rest of the game. If you didn’t get a chance to jump in the cockpit back during our giveaways, then you can take a glimpse at the new and upcoming bits of the Everspace 2 Early Access roadmap over on the official Rockfish Twitch and YouTube channels every Friday from 8pm to 10pm CET. Alternatively, you can get our opinion on this stellar game and grab it over on Steam Early Access before you miss all the new and shiny toys.

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