EverSpace 2 Gets A New Gamescom Trailer And Dev Update

Gamescom Digital has arrived and Rockfish were quick out the gate with a brand new peek at Everspace 2 for fans with a new Gamescom trailer and deep dive into the upcoming title.

Players eager to get back in the cockpit after our Everspace 2 demo opportunity, can find out even more about the upcoming sequel to 2017’s hit space sim. As part of Gamescom 2020, the team behind Everspace 2 took to the virtual stage last night and navigated gamers through a range of never before seen content from Everspace 2. Check out the video above and you’ll find a brand new star system on offer, full of wonder and stuff to blow up. Known as Union, the latest star system uncovered in this advanced preview will be available to players warping into an Early Access version of Everspace 2. It serves as something of a hub for pilots, where the interstellar aspect of Everspace 2 really begins to take hold. Beyond the functional aspects of this end of the galaxy, Union also adds an entirely new look that fans might not have seen before, with massive space cloud formations, thunderstorms, shattered asteroids, and tons more unique environments to explore.

Shiny New Buttons

There are also a few new buttons to push as Rockfish provide us all a glimpse of a new cockpit view, featuring a range of fully functional displays. Dispensing with the HUD, this provides an opportunity to get involved in the action, immersing pilots in the heart of chaotic dogfighting action, while upgrading your chariot of destruction will even have an impact on the look and feel of the cockpit. Admittedly, I haven’t checked for an eject release quite yet though.

With Early Access almost upon players, you’ll also be glad to hear that this signals the reintroduction of the Okkar, the main alien race of Eversapce. The Early Acess release will also add two new ship classes, a higher level cap, a bunch of quality of life enhancements, and an extra 5-10 hours of gameplay onto the existing closed alpha experience. There is tons to see and hear in the latest Eversapce 2 update. Check out the Gamescom update above and find out more over on the official Everspace 2 Steam Store page now.

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