Everspace 2 Lands On Game Pass For PC This Week

Everspace 2 Lands On Game Pass For PC This Week

Alien lifeforms, frantic dogfights, and breathtaking vistas are coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC as Everspace 2 lands on 21 October.

Rockfish and Microsoft have a treat in store for PC owners looking for a new escape. Everspace 2, the follow on from the very first in this arcade space shooter series, is set to launch onto Game Preview on the Windows 10/11 Store through Xbox Game Pass for PC and pay per download for $39.99 / €37.99 / £31.99. With just a couple of days left until launch, this means that Game pass subscribers will be able to get in the cockpit and try out an early version of Everspace 2 before the incredible looking RPG come starfighter experience arms for full release in 2023.

“After our successful partnership launching the original EVERSPACE as an ID@Xbox title in Xbox Game Preview and bringing the game to Game Pass post full release, we’re thrilled to work again with our friends at Microsoft to bring even more fast-paced space shooter action to Windows 10 and Xbox platforms with EVERSPACE 2,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. “The deal not only enables space pilots with Game Pass to jump in the cockpit early, but it also provides extra funding for our team to complete the story campaign as promised, really nail the endgame, and keep pushing the envelope on all platforms.”

For those that missed the opportunity to participate in earlier beta tests and preview events, Everspace 2 is more than just a fancy looking shump. This sequel takes place in the same universe as the original but changes the linear indie roguelike to a handcrafted, semi-open-world AA action RPG. The single player spaceship shooter picks up with a clone pilot on the run in the lawless regions of outer space and mixes in elements of crafting, exploration, narrative quest lines and some adrenaline fuelled dogfights to make it something we’re incredibly eager to warp into on release.

For those that have already invested their money and purchased a seat via Steam Early Access, Rockfish is set to introduce some updates in the near term. The in development title is getting a third major content update. The Khaït Nebula is on track to be officially released on 3 November with an experimental release on Steam scheduled for 22 October. That does mean that Rockfish is now pushing back the simultaneous full release on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox, and PlayStation to early 2023, but early preview scores have been very positive so it seems like it’ll be worth the wait.

Check out more about Everspace 2 over at the official website or hear our thoughts on this new adventure.

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