Everspace 2 Opens The Gates To The Khaït Nebula

Everspace 2 Opens The Gates To The Khaït Nebula

Rockfish Games has announced that Early Access players are about to get a glimpse into a new realm as Everspace open the gates to the Khaït Nebula.

Following on from the recent Zharkov: The Vortex update for this space-faring shooter, Everspace 2 is about to lure players back into action with an upcoming update and a first look at the mysterious Khaït Nebula. Coming later this year, the latest update to Everspace 2 will find players plunging into a location filled with a variety of space stations and special locations. Familiar gameplay elements and the return of the Shadow Creatures will merge with new challenges. Alongside this, payers in Early Access will also find a higher maximum level, new campaign chapters, and plenty of new player perks. In order to get players prepared, Rockfish has dropped a range of screenshots from the 4th system.

A New Demo

For players that haven’t paid to get into the cockpit quite yet, Everspace 2 has a brand new Steam demo. Available right now on the store page, players will find a new teaser experience that incorporats a bunch of the updates that the Early Access client now includes. The Demo gives prospective pilots a content-gated, game, with access to the first five missions, side quests, and random encounters. There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend wandering the outer edges of space, but you’ll be level capped through the experience. If you do feel the need to go all in, then the brand new demo will roll over the progress you’ve made during the demo so there is plenty of incentive to grind away beforehand.

If you didn’t’ catch some of our previous early access review of Everspace 2, this impressive sci-fi shooter continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first part of the series. It thrusts players into an all-out shooting war in the freedom of space, filling some utterly amazing spectacles to boot. If you are interested in signing up, check out the official Steam Store page now or visit the official website for more information on Everspace 2.

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