Everspace 2 release timeline updated

Everspace 2

The Everspace 2 team has announced that the early access release of the game is being postponed to late 2020 due to both the coronavirus and to avoid the same release window as a pair of blockbuster titles.

The team has hit a number of snags in securing a co-publisher due to the coronavirus and the cancellation of meetings during GDC with major platform holders. Developers are working to conduct conference calls with potential partners but “we have to deal with a lot of uncertainties regarding business development, external game production, as well as marketing and PR,” the team writes.

In addition to the delaying the game‘s release to later in 2020, developers decided to push the early access release even further into December. Devs want to avoid both Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders which are both currently slated for a September release date. “Obviously there is quite an overlap between those audiences and ours, so we have decided it wouldn’t be wise to directly compete against two sci-fi shooter RPG juggernauts, leaving not much room for any other sci-fi shooter coming out at the same time.”

The post also provides readers with information across several other topics including:

  • Ship cockpits
  • the “State of VR”
  • Assault Fighter redesign
  • Ultimate abilities

You can check out the full developer post on the Everspace 2 Steam page.

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