Everspace 2 Unveil The New Drake System and 2022 Roadmap

Everspace 2 Unveil The New Drake System and 2022 Roadmap - drake lava pit as a fighter flies over it

Rockfish just unveiled the Drake system, an explosive new addition to Everspace 2’s 2022 Roadmap.

Early adopters and eager pilots will get an exciting new arena to do battle in next year, with the upcoming Drake system. Developer Rockfish just revealed the new arena for Everspace 2 alongside a development roadmap that spans 2022. Alongside a slew of upcoming design goals and development milestones, players who have already picked up Eversapce 2 ahead of its final release will get to dabble in one of the most dangerous areas of the galaxy.

Set in a cluster filled with natural extremes, three opposing factions fight for dominance over the rich resources of the Drake system. Between the tracer fire, players will need to keep an eye out for the geological instabilities of Planet Mota, where immense lava flows can swallow a ship whole, among a range of other weather extremes. This isn’t the end of the 2022 updates, with Rockfish teasing a spring update that will add a third light fighter subclass, improved crafting, trading, and resources gathering/processing, new equipment, new story content, new perks, and further challenges.

everspace 2 2022 roadmap

After both the new system and spring updates hit, players can expect a late 2022 drop with a ton of endgame exploration, Ancient Rifts, and legendary loot to boot. With so much incoming next year, we’re only hitting the highlights of the roadmap as we buzz by. Thankfully, Rockfish provided an infographic for us all, and a look back at everything they’ve already added to Everspace 2 last year. While the final game might not make it out until 2023, things seem pretty positive all around.

“After over three years of hard work, Everspace  2 had a rocket launch Early Access release topping the global Steam charts in January, selling three times more copies than the predecessor within the first week. The game hit 91% positive reviews right out of the gate, and, after two major content packs, is now sitting at 93% positive reviews,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder. “But the best is yet to come! We’ll be pushing hard with an ambitious 2022 roadmap to maintain the top position within the space combat & exploration genre and deliver a rock-solid product at full release in early 2023.”

If you were in any doubt that Eversapce 2 is set to impress when this crowdfunded space shooter sequel makes it to full launch, then check out our early hands on impressions then head over to the official Steam Store page to check out more about Eversapce 2.

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