Every PS5 Showcase trailer

Ever PS5 Showcase Trailer
Final Fantasy XVI

Starting out the PS5 stream tonight today’s, SQUARE ENIX® revealed that acclaimed creators Naoki Yoshida (FINAL FANTASY® XIVDRAGON QUEST® X) and Hiroshi Takai (FINAL FANTASY XIVTHE LAST REMNANT™) are collaborating on an all-new standalone mainline FINAL FANTASY game, titled FINAL FANTASY XVI, for the PlayStation 5 (PS5™) system.

Spiderman Miles Morales

Set to follow on from the recent Spiderman title for PS4, this new gameplay tease for the upcoming Spiderman Miles Morales picks up one year after the first game and gives players a taste of what happens when Roxxon and the Underground go head to head.

Hogwarts Legacy

Set in the world of Hogwarts and set back in the days before a certan boy wizard,  tell the story of witches and wizards who came before. This new teaser trailer gives gamers a glimpse of what they can expect as they journey through the halls of Hogwarts taking on runes, potions, and learning how to defend against the dark art. Just don’t bunk off in this new RPG adventure.

Black Ops – Cold War

Presented by the Team at Raven present a portion of the first campaign mission., where you’re after a high value target in Turkey. Get a glimpse of the action as you and your team take on enemies in one of the world’s most dangerous decades.

Resident Evil Village

Following up on the recent reveal, get a better glimpse at the undead as Chris returns for the latest Resident Evil title to chew it’s way through your nerves. This cold dark addition is Resident Evil Village, coming in 2021.


yet more time travelling murder in this incredibly stylish upcoming shooter from . Take out your 8 targets, or die and try again in the new trailer for Deathloop, another PlayStation exclusive for 2021.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Devil May Cry 5, the triumphant return of Dante is coming to PlayStation 5. If you haven’t already slain the demons within or just hacked and slashed through hell in Capcom’s magnificent revival of this franchise then you can now do it on a new generation of consoles.

Oddworld Soulstorm

You’re free, but the journey isn’t over as Oddworld is back with a new trailer for this upcoming title in the Oddworld franchise. With more Abe, more action, and more at stake in Oddworld, this new trailer for Oddworld Soulstorm looks like , well just tons of fun.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach
​Demon’s Souls

Coming from Playstation Japan and Bluepoint is this new glimpse at the utterly epic looking RPG remake,  Set in a mystical world, players will take on some seriously demonic action when it lands. Until then, the latest trailer for Demon’s Soul has monsters, demons, fire, magic, and some serious sword skills. It’s also the best look we will get for this gorgeous new adventure.


I mean what can we say? It’s Fortnite

God of War – Ragnarok

Coming in 2021 from the team at Santa Monica Studios,  is a little more than just a logo. We fully expect that this teaser is the first steps that PlayStation owners will take into the next God Of War. What do you think?

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  1. I have been a loyal PC gamer for a long time but some of this stuff is amazing. Makes me actually consider buying a next gen console :’D

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