Evil Genius 2 Announced by Rebellion, Set to Focus on PC First


Rebellion has gotten a lot of fans pretty worked up with the announcement of Evil Genius 2. This is a brand new project from the ground up using the company’s new Asura engine. It’s only taken a dozen years to get here…

Evil Genius 2 – What we know so far

We can safely say that we know very little about the game. In a recent developer interview during E3, Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley made the announcement. It was later followed up by a letter that focused on how the new game came to be as well as what fans can look forward to in the immediate future.

Here are the facts so far:

  • EG2 is a new game as well as a sequel to the first
  • it will be free to play
  • development is focused on PC at first
  • built using the in-house Asura engine
  • it is in its very, very early phase of development
  • crowd funding the game was considered but later scrapped
  • work was delayed to complete Zombie Army, Battlezone PSVR & Sniper Elite 3 & 4
  • coding and artwork is underway

Crowd-funding wasn’t the way we wanted to go. After the growing success of the Sniper Elite series and other games IP, we started to feel it wasn’t fair to ask fans to fund a new game if we didn’t need them to! With some big projects now out the door and being enjoyed by gamers worldwide, we feel like now is the time to return to the world of Evil Genius.

You can keep tabs on all the happenings on Rebellion’s site.

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