Evil Genius 2 – Mechanical Minions Pack Is Available Now

Evil Genius 2 - Mechanical Minions Pack Is Available Now

The developers from Rebellion have announced that the two latest DLC packs for satirical spy-fi lair builder Evil Genius are available now. The Mechanical Minions Pack is available to Season Pass holders or separately for purchase, and the Portal Pack is available as a FREE download for everyone!

Mechanical Minions are the reliable choice – you can recruit them straight from your own assembly lines, and they are free from issues inherent to their human counterparts such as ‘ideals’, ‘scruples’ and ‘morals’. Without the needs for food or a salary, they truly understand what it means to be but a cog in the machine!

Your living minions will no doubt be inspired to work alongside these paragons of industriousness and loyalty, and be reminded of their own fragile existence job security!

Included in the Mechanical Minions Pack:

  • 2 New minion types (The Work-O-Tron + The GuardBot 2.0)
  • 3 New Lair items (Work-O-Tron Assembly Line, GuardBot 2.0 Assembly Line, Robot Charging Station)
  • Accompanying Side Story Objectives

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